Surreal South America

Richard Radstone and I just finished up an extensive ad campaign involving
lots of composited images, each with it's own set of twists and turns.
The biggest challenge with this one was figuring out how to wrap the
accordion around the palm tree.
Believe it or not, they just don't do that naturally


Los Ojos

Bob Stevens contacted me last December about a personal project he was working on. Bob's vision entailed doing a series of shots of ex-gang members in the Los Angeles area and he wanted the images to have a highly stylized look to them. Since this meant doing some heavy Photoshop work Bob called me to consult with him on creating the "look" and interpreting that look for each of the images.

After meeting in his studio for a couple of hours we had the basic look down, I then took the images back to my studio and finessed it a bit more and once Bob gave the thumbs up I started applying this look to all hero images. With 12 subjects and 4 shots per subject there were 48 images all in all. Here are a couple of samples from the finished images.


Asian Beauties

Matthew Jordan Smith is one of the top beauty shooters these days and recently we worked together on a shot he did of an Asian model. This woman had one of those faces where we wanted to really show off her beautiful skin and eyes.

Of course this being the digital age that meant a little 'Photoshopping' here and a little there but Matthew's shot provided a great base upon which to build the final image shown here.

Fur & Fun

Over the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of work at BLT on the Hotel for Dogs campaign. BLT ( is one of the larger ad agencies focused on Entertainment Advertising. Being such a large shop they get many of the projects that involve what are called "Domination" campaigns. With the Hotel for Dogs project this meant a domestic poster, an international poster, Standee, and countless billboards. Lots of dogs with lots of fur. What fun!

Here's a shot of the International 1 Sheet poster I worked on.