APA/LA Digital Event: Photoshop Pen, Path and Brush Magic with Dennis Dunbar

APA/LA Digital Event: Photoshop Pen, Path and Brush Magic with Dennis Dunbar
Saturday February 28, 2009

9:30am registration
10:00am - 1:00pm presentation

Helms Daylight Studio
3221 Hutchison Ave, LA CA 90034 *Please Note: Parking is Located on the North Side of Venice Ave and Helms


$25 APA/LA members
$35 ASMP, LADig members
$45 non-members

Clipping Paths, Vector Masks, Scattering controls, Shape Dynamics, Color Dynamics and More.
APA-LA's Digital Workshops series continues on Saturday, February 28th as Dennis Dunbar joins us to discuss Photoshop's Pen and Brush tools.

In this session Dennis will talk about creating clean paths with the Pen Tool, he'll show you what a compound path is and what those "Control Handles" are all about. He'll cover Clipping Paths (including an easy way to make several variations) and how to move paths back and forth from Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop and the power you gain in doing so.

Then Dennis will demonstrate some Photoshop Brush Magic and show you what all those Scattering and Dynamics settings do and how to use them to create your own magic.

You'll learn how to create your own custom brushes and how to use the various controls to make tough jobs easy. Painting fog, smoke and clouds will be a breeze. Creating rough borders will be easy as will adding in extra grass and leaves.

Come join us on Saturday, February 28th for this session on Photoshop Pen, Path and Brush Magic. Doors open at 9:30 am and the class begins at 10 am and will end at 1 pm. See you there.

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Los Ojos

Bob Stevens contacted me last December about a personal project he was working on. Bob's vision entailed doing a series of shots of ex-gang members in the Los Angeles area and he wanted the images to have a highly stylized look to them. Since this meant doing some heavy Photoshop work Bob called me to consult with him on creating the "look" and interpreting that look for each of the images.

After meeting in his studio for a couple of hours we had the basic look down, I then took the images back to my studio and finessed it a bit more and once Bob gave the thumbs up I started applying this look to all hero images. With 12 subjects and 4 shots per subject there were 48 images all in all. Here are a couple of samples from the finished images.