Beauty Retouching Workshop

Beauty Retouching Secrets of the Pros

Jeremy Cowart
Beauty Retouching Secrets of the Pros
Master retoucher Dennis Dunbar will be sharing many of his beauty retouching secrets in our May 18th workshop. He’ll take you through his standard beauty retouching workflow highlighting the steps he uses when working on high-end images. Dennis will also talk about “Perfect Skin” and how to achieve it. He will dedicate a portion of the workshop on retouching eyes: how to deal with lines around them, sharpen them, bring a touch of highlight to them and how to enhance the color.
He’ll also discuss color correction, enhancing lighting and how to add glow to skin giving it a beautiful, iridescent quality.
Don’t miss this chance to get a close up look at just how the pros achieve the high end results clients love. 
Saturday, May 18, 2013
9:30 doors open
10am - 2pm presentation
Lunch included

Strauss Studios
6442 Santa Monica Blvd. #204
Hollywood CA 90038



APA/LA Digital Event: Beauty Retouching Secrets with Lisa Carney & Dennis Dunbar

Join APA-LA Saturday, August 15th for Beauty Retouching Secrets with Lisa Carney and Dennis Dunbar.

Lisa Carney is back in Los Angeles for a short stint and will be joining APA's resident digital artist, Dennis Dunbar, as secrets for retouching Beauty images are shared.

Lisa and Dennis will discuss:
* What to work on first
* How to enhance Makeup
* How to achieve "Perfect Skin"
* How to effectively minimize wrinkles
* How to add a nice "Glow" to your model's skin
* Secrets and techniques to color correct like a pro
* How to retouch eyes without making them look fake and "plasticy"

In short, this event is not to be missed as 2 of the industry's best retouchers will share secrets on how to bring out the best of any Beauty and/or Fashion image.

Please note, with so much to share, Lisa and Dennis have agreed to make this session an extended workshop going from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM allowing more time to cover all the intended material. The workshop will end with a Question and Answer period giving each student a chance to make sure as much information is absorbed and shared as possible.

Lunch will be provided allowing students to stay nourished while keeping close to the action.

Where: Helms Daylight Studio

3221 Hutchison Ave #E
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Note: Please park in the lot on the north side of Helms and Venice

When: Saturday, August 15th, 2009
Doors open at 9am, workshop begins promptly at 930am, and finishes at 330pm
Breakfast and lunch is included.

How Much:
APA Members $20
Students, ASMP, LADIG, members $45
Non Members $55

APA's Membership special continues until August 31st. Save 25% off any membership level!

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Surreal South America

Richard Radstone and I just finished up an extensive ad campaign involving
lots of composited images, each with it's own set of twists and turns.
The biggest challenge with this one was figuring out how to wrap the
accordion around the palm tree.
Believe it or not, they just don't do that naturally


APA/LA Digital Event: Photoshop Pen, Path and Brush Magic with Dennis Dunbar

APA/LA Digital Event: Photoshop Pen, Path and Brush Magic with Dennis Dunbar
Saturday February 28, 2009

9:30am registration
10:00am - 1:00pm presentation

Helms Daylight Studio
3221 Hutchison Ave, LA CA 90034 *Please Note: Parking is Located on the North Side of Venice Ave and Helms


$25 APA/LA members
$35 ASMP, LADig members
$45 non-members

Clipping Paths, Vector Masks, Scattering controls, Shape Dynamics, Color Dynamics and More.
APA-LA's Digital Workshops series continues on Saturday, February 28th as Dennis Dunbar joins us to discuss Photoshop's Pen and Brush tools.

In this session Dennis will talk about creating clean paths with the Pen Tool, he'll show you what a compound path is and what those "Control Handles" are all about. He'll cover Clipping Paths (including an easy way to make several variations) and how to move paths back and forth from Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop and the power you gain in doing so.

Then Dennis will demonstrate some Photoshop Brush Magic and show you what all those Scattering and Dynamics settings do and how to use them to create your own magic.

You'll learn how to create your own custom brushes and how to use the various controls to make tough jobs easy. Painting fog, smoke and clouds will be a breeze. Creating rough borders will be easy as will adding in extra grass and leaves.

Come join us on Saturday, February 28th for this session on Photoshop Pen, Path and Brush Magic. Doors open at 9:30 am and the class begins at 10 am and will end at 1 pm. See you there.

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Los Ojos

Bob Stevens contacted me last December about a personal project he was working on. Bob's vision entailed doing a series of shots of ex-gang members in the Los Angeles area and he wanted the images to have a highly stylized look to them. Since this meant doing some heavy Photoshop work Bob called me to consult with him on creating the "look" and interpreting that look for each of the images.

After meeting in his studio for a couple of hours we had the basic look down, I then took the images back to my studio and finessed it a bit more and once Bob gave the thumbs up I started applying this look to all hero images. With 12 subjects and 4 shots per subject there were 48 images all in all. Here are a couple of samples from the finished images.


APA/LA Digital Event: Digital Dissection with Dennis Dunbar

APA/LA Digital Event: Digital Dissection with Dennis Dunbar
Saturday December 13, 20089:30am - 1:00pm
Helms Daylight Studio
3221 Hutchinson Ave, LA CA 90034
*Please Note: Parking is Located on the North Side of Venice Ave and Helms

Join us on Saturday Dec 13th as our own Dennis Dunbar presents "Digital Dissection" where he will dissect several of his past projects. Dennis will show you how the complex composites for Movie Posters are put together, he'll take you through the maze of plastic wrap and Smart Objects and demonstrate how ultimate beauty is achieved.

In this session you'll see how the disparate elements that make up a movie poster are combined and blended to make a seamless composite using masking, color correction and yes, even paint! Moving on to a more commercial type of project Dennis will show how the same principles were used in combination with a good dose of illustration to create ads with noted photographer Bob Stevens. Finally he'll take you through the process of polishing and perfecting Beauty images.

This seminar promises to be an informative and interesting event as you run the gamut from complex composites to 'simple' retouching. Come join us at Anthony Nex's studio on Saturday, Dec 13th for this not to be missed workshop.

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$25 APA/LA members
$35 ASMP, LADig, Student members
$45 non-members

Day of:
$35 APA/LA members
$45 ASMP, LADig, Student members
$55 non-members

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January 17, 2009 Photographers Survival Guide (Orange County)
January 29, 2009 Building a Successful Team for a Successful Career
January 31, 2009 Consultant/Rep Portfolio Review Event

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Asian Beauties

Matthew Jordan Smith is one of the top beauty shooters these days and recently we worked together on a shot he did of an Asian model. This woman had one of those faces where we wanted to really show off her beautiful skin and eyes.

Of course this being the digital age that meant a little 'Photoshopping' here and a little there but Matthew's shot provided a great base upon which to build the final image shown here.

APA/LA: The Art of Estimating & Bidding

Thursday November 13, 2008
Social 6:00-7:00, Presentation 7-9:30pm
Helms DayLight Studio 3221 Hutchison Ave., Los Angeles 90034
*Parking is Located on the North Side of Venice Ave and Helms
The bid has always been considered the much maligned "necessary evil" to getting gigs. It's really all in your perspective. As soon as you step away from the spreadsheet stereotype that is associated with bidding, you'll find a world of creative thinking and deal making that can make the process of bidding an interesting step to getting on the set. The key is to think like a Hollywood agent. When dealing with talent agencies, locations and rental houses, there is always a deal to be made. It's just numbers, and you're the one with the checkbook. 
Join APA/LA and our A list panel on November 13, 2008 for an informative, educational and entertaining evening and find out how you too can make sense of the estimating and bidding process.

The Art of Estimating and Bidding Panel includes:

Lou Lesko, Founder, Blinkbid - Moderator
Elizabeth Grivas, Producer,Lonestar Productions 
Nicole Llyod - Sr. Art Buyer Deutsch Inc 
Elizabeth Poje, Artist Representative, pojé + associates
Bob Stevens, Photographer, Bob Stevens Photography


The Art of Estimating and Bidding


Fur & Fun

Over the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of work at BLT on the Hotel for Dogs campaign. BLT ( is one of the larger ad agencies focused on Entertainment Advertising. Being such a large shop they get many of the projects that involve what are called "Domination" campaigns. With the Hotel for Dogs project this meant a domestic poster, an international poster, Standee, and countless billboards. Lots of dogs with lots of fur. What fun!

Here's a shot of the International 1 Sheet poster I worked on.